Is the website fake? Please help?

I just ordered some shoes from and I'm really worried I got scammed? Anyone know anything about this site? What do I do if I got scammed?

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Shady, Shady although the 4month old site is registered to a legit U.S. address in VA, some Chinese operators use fake addresses, it has the earmarks of a Chinese site, fake trust seals at the bottom (should be clickable) no identifying phone# or address in the Contact Us page (A deal breaker or me) that still has the name of another Nike site they copied the template from,, which is Chinese registered to the same operator as

The same US registration is used for

Didn't find obvious scam complaints about wither, partly due to being relatively new, was listed in a sponsored? price comparison site in Dec.

Not too much you can do if you were ripped off, credit card companies should give you a refund eventually, paypal too?, report them to the many scam reporting sites to cut down their business, hope you get some sort of shoes.

Stick to the reputable dealers.

Here are some large respected shoe sites: (has free shipping and return shipping) did have some bad publicity once after their customer database was hacked. ( Zappos owned clearance store) (shares facilities with Footlocker) 10 1/2 year old Diamond bar based, probably OK

There are forums that are dedicated to sneakers, and can be educational.

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