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    why is craigslist so popular?

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    It's local, meaning no shipping needed. Posting an ad is easy and doesn't require a pay account. Users can (and are expected to!) remove crap ads by flagging them, and reporting major abusers to staff. They don't have to put up with scammers and spammers. Categories are easy to see and select from. It has a wide range of functions, from buying/selling to real estate to jobs and gigs to resumes to community posts and even personals. It's NOT a bandwidth hog. The site is bare-bones with no obnoxious ads. Because users moderate via flagging and helping other users, instead of paid staff, the site expenses are kept very low. That means no bandwidth-hogging loud animated ads and it's very easy to access even with a slow modem and old computer. Finally, when someone does have problems, there are Help forums available that are free (other users man them), very fast, and very effective. Whether it's an issue with getting an ad to show, an ad that got flagged, or getting a phone verified, help is there. Fast, free, and accurate. Overall, that's made it a very, very popular site.
    a few seconds ago

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    • If you ask me why Craigslist is the best website, my answer would be that it is a unique, free online classified website founded by Craig Newmark with a simple philosophy- helping and connecting people. This irreplaceable and supportive website has become a part of our daily lives. The outstanding thing about craigslist is the fact that it connects millions of people online and helps them in various aspects of their life. For more you can visit - http://voices.yahoo.com/craigslist-why-its-so-popular-389994.html

      by Henry Smith - 10 hours ago

    • Craigslist is popular because its "for sale" category is free. People love to sell inexpensive stuffs over there without any overhead. However, Craigslist isn't as popular as eBay.

      by Frank - 10 hours ago

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