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    can i post an ad in craigslist for sharing expenses for a fishing trip?
    I want to post an ad in craigslist for sharing expenses and want to make sure there are no stupid laws against doing that
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    Yes you can post that you want to go on a fishing trip with a stranger and split the expenses of the trip. However this is very dangerous to meet up with random strangers. And if you don't get money up front or write up an agreement of what each of you pays for then you might not see enough or any money from this other person who goes on the trip with you. It is completely LEGAL to look for a fishing trip buddy online. However I suggest instead going on the free website www.meetup.com and join a local group of people who enjoy hunting, fishing, etc. Just search that site to see if there are any fishing or hunting groups near by. And then go fishing with those people and try to make a new fishing friend through a group like that. Many groups are FREE to join or require a small yearly fee to be a member of their group. It is a great way to find friends with the same hobbies in your local area.
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