Wordpress vs yahoo small business which one is better?

i started a blog on weebly and i want to transfer hoster i don't witch one is better wordpress or yahoo small business. how are the templates on yahoo and wordpress? can you use google adsense on both? check out my my blog

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I recommend WordPress - I use that for most of my own sites and for most of my clients' sites.

WordPress has many themes (templates) as well as tons of plugins to add additional functionality, including e-commerce, SEO, social sharing and more.

You can use Google AdSense on WordPress sites - there are plugins for this, or you can use the Widgets menu in your WordPress dashboard to ad your AdSense code to your site.

You'll want to use your domain name on your own hosting account. If you use, you won't be able to use most of the plugins and your site's functionality will be limited.


1 year ago