What is the cost to sell in ebay?

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my mom and dad wants to know, however no one we kno knows. im asking because they don't happen to know how using internet works. I would much appreciate it if ppl would just answer the question.
@quickanswers: ik im not allowed to do these things until im 18. my parents dont speak english fluently. i did research and couldn't find it, so that's why i asked. sheesh, no need to speak so coldly to me. wasn't trying to offend you of any kind.

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Auction style are free to list (50 items per month) unless you add additional pics, categories, subtitles etc. The FVF fees are:
Ebay 9% of sell price & 9% of s/h fees
Paypal 2.9% + .30 cents per transaction
If your parents open an account, i suggest using a credit card for paypal & if a bank account is linked then open a separate checking account with perhaps $25.00 in it. If paypal ever puts a hold on a bank account then no $$ can be accessed at all, for any reason. They have been known to do it & can freeze funds up to 180 days.


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Doesn't matter.

At age 13, you are 5 years too young to be eBay.

Edit, so now you claim your parents are not internet savvy, so you decided out of the goodness of your little heart that you'd research it for them. What next, claim they don't speak English, so you had to create their signons and list for them? Not allowed. If they want to sell on eBay, they can figure it out. Otherwise, I predict in 6 months you'll be yet another email complaining that Paypal has frozen your account until you provide proof that you are 18.

by Quick Answers - 1 year ago

It may vary by country. In the US, it's usually a cost of forty cents to list an item for auction for 10 days. Then, if the item sells, they keep a fraction of the selling price, depending on what the price was. Sometimes, they run specials for a few days where sellers can list items for free, but they still keep a cut of the profits. On the other hand, if your folks tried to have a yard sale, they would only reach a miniscule fraction of the shoppers that buy on ebay. It can still be profitable. Good luck!

by makeupfan - 1 year ago

Ebay is not free. It cost about forty cents and you may pay a monthly fee to maintain a sellers account. Alternatives where you can sell without charge includes craigslist,, backpage.

by Smith - 1 year ago