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    Marketing online help mobile business?

    Im having a lot of trouble getting my business moving forward, Im offering a mobile service tuning vehicles within a 60 mile radius. i have made a website your opinions on it would help. www.premier-remapping.com so far i have got business cards In local shop was thinking of doing flyers on cars in super market car parks. also going to go round various garages offering referrals. i really want to get my site noticed online with in my 60 mile radius. what's best cheapest way to do this as Im just starting out and have very low funds. is there many free things i can do to make my site noticed on Google. i have already signed to directories etc. are my key words best being pacific, as in narrower terms like, ecu remapping in carlisle. or are broader terms better like remapping carlisle or engine tuning. just not sure if the more some thing is searched the bigger the competition. what are your views on my site? does it look professional? does you tube videos help get noticed on Google!? i also have a few domain names. i heard having to many linked to one site is bad? does it count if i link new domain name to another page on my site are is it still count as same site? thanks ever so much for reading and trying to help me, i have spent thousands on equipment and really need marketing help, thanks it means a lot.
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    Hi, 1) You should sign up for Google Place or Local, don't remember the name since they changed it a few times. You can also sign up for Bing and Yahoo! 's local listing. So if anyone does a search, if they are within your area, it is possible that your local listing will show up before any other SEO organic listings. 2) When optimizing your site for SEO, you should choose keywords targeting different local areas. If you want local people to visit your site, use local long tail keywords so if they search for Tuning Vehicles in NYC, your site will show up if you are optimizing for that keyword. Furthermore, long tail local keywords are not as competitive. 3) Yes, creating videos that educate people and linking to your site in the description will help boost your traffic. Furthermore, if you optimized your video, it is possible it will show in the search result pages. http://www.mktdojo.com/youtube-seo-guide-8-youtube-ranking-factors 4) Social Media might work. Social Media is not a one size fit all, you have to test it and see if it fits your business. 5) Having many links is not bad for your site. Having many BAD LOW QUALITY links hurt your site. If you have a few domain pointing to your site, it might help if your other domains are authoritative. Don't buy links, those are all low quality which will hurt your site. Geting a lot of GOOD links will benefit you more. Once again, having A LOT of links won't hurt your site, having A LOT of LOW QUALITY or BAD links hurt your site.
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    • The main goal is to become Google's best friend. Your website is good but it does not look completely polished. A bit cluttered. You should try with creating more backlinks to help your marketing and advertising.

      by Joel - 10 hours ago

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