Is Neustar Localeze worth the $300 for SEO?

I have spent a lot of money on various methods of advertising and am frustrated to no end. My main problem, I think, is search engine optimization. Before I spend hundreds of more dollars, is Neustar Localeze really effective for small neighborhood businesses like myself?

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Some maybe not all of their services look useful, though a small local business may be able to do it themselves. Here's a listing of similar services

A Google places listing (those A-G labeled stick pin symbols) are important for local businesses with a street address. There are drip feed business directory listing services ( that spread out submissions to a number of listings, these citations may help your Places page search result position. User reviews on the places/Google+ page as well as the ranking of the main business page may be ranking factors for the local listing as well.
If you have the time, participating in relevant forum and social sites can provide search ranking backlinks as well.
One might also sponsor local events, perhaps events that have external links to supporter's sites.

Here's a consolidation of Local ranking answers by an SEO authority
A search there can turn up more Local SEO advice than one can digest.

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