Please help! Should I use all "nofollow" links within my post?

For example, articles like- Best 30 WordPress Plugins or Top 25 Android Apps are going to have so many external links. Should I use all those links as "nofollow" or "dofollow"?
Actually I want to give credit to all of those links by avoiding "nofollow". Will it hurt my website?

Thanks to all helpful and nice people here.
My point is, if I want to "dofollow" ALL of them, will it be bad?

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Follow vs no follow shouldn't do any harm to your website. If your site has a decent rank, it may help to make them all do-follow and then alert the people you're linking to and encourage them to share socially.


1 year ago

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I no follow everyone BUT I pick and choose who I want to do follow.

by Inda Cloud - 1 year ago