Where can i create a website for free.?

just for fun or busines.

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You can use or other websites that help you make websites for free

1 year ago

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You can use a website called They allow you to create a free website, but it also looks professional. With their advance site builder all you do is drag and drop and you can get a website up in as little as ten minutes. I don't use them myself as I need more advance hosting, HTML, CSS, PHP etc. But they are a good starting point if you don't have a lot of time or money. If you need more bandwidth or stage you can purchase a premium package for very little money a month, or pay by year.


by Juan Colt - 1 year ago

just sign up here, and you get free web space.

after signing up, add a domain
then got to control panel and click on "another file manager"
you wil get some files over there along with a folder "public_html"
now in this folder if you upload a index.html, it will be your sites homepage.
Good luck

if you need a domain like or http://Den_john. com

you can get it for free from


by Trigo - 1 year ago

I've been using Yola (free) for the past several years because you can buy your domain there, too and it's cheap. But lately, I'm not liking the WYSIWYG editor because of all the coding errors. I'm moving to Wix soon, which is also free.


by SenobiaT - 1 year ago

Try or

by Vincent - 1 year ago