Directory submissino (SEO) problem.?

Does anyone have list of directories which brings traffic without reciprocal link...I have a problem like when i submit a URL to directories it asks to place the reciprocal link in the website before continuing ..How to solve this..


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You can find directories specific to your website on seomoz that don't have the reciprocal link issue. I don't really know the cost but you can check them out to find out. Another way is to contact a professional SEO company to ask them to help you out. They could either suggest you or maybe give you a list or a package for some cheap cost. Some directories I know are dmoz directory, yahoo directory, directory, best of the web directory etc. They have a page rank of 8 or 6 so they're pretty good. And you don't have to submit a reciprocal link.

Hal Smith
URLdreamer Consultant

1 year ago

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Submitting to directories is no guarantee for traffic.Good directories include Yahoo, Open directory , Business. com and botw

by Charles pic - 1 year ago