Is this website legit?

I wanted to try pocky! I barely found out their existence. But...they're Is there like a huge shipping or something? Should I trust this?

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A superficial behind the scenes look is OK, the 10 year old site is registered to a San Fransisco address, and is prepaid 5 years in advance, not fly by night behavior. The Google page rank 4 rating is a moderate indication of several other (about 330) sites linking to them.

You may find coupons here

The same site owner also appears to run these unrelated sites:

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My friend bought from there and it took 3 months for it to come. By that time it was rotten.

by John - 1 year ago

looks legit to me, they would buy in bulk and 2 dollars isnt very expensive, it seems about right + there is feedback at the bottom

by CloudThirst - 1 year ago