Should index of a website be "about us" or the news page? whats better SEO?

I would prefer having the news page is index because that will be the most used page and its more convenient for users.
But i've read that search engines don't pay as much notice to subpages of a websites index.
So if you want the best seo you should have the"about us" page as index?

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I agree with everyone else so far, you should have the news page as your index. You should make sure to optimize all of your pages for search engines though. Search engines will index all of your pages if you want them to.

1 year ago

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Seo can take place with either option equally so since you should lways build your site to enhance usability, go with the news page.

by Dr Kevin Finnan - 1 year ago

Yes, I think news page is better, too.

But you can use any part of the web-site. It's good to have some panel in the main page, that will be with a new / fresh content - updated frequently...

by Borislav Arapchev - 1 year ago

The search engines want to index what is relevant to people searching on the internet, so they can return relevant and helpful results when someone is searching. If your News page will have more relevancy than the About Us page than certainly do more off page SEO for the News page. But you should also do a little bit for the About Us page, as you should for all of your inner pages if you want them indexed.

Hope that helps.

by luvrokatz - 1 year ago