SEO: Difference between title and meta description?

I've read that title is a very important place to put in your keywords to the site.
What about meta description? Is this valuable for SEO too or is it purely for the people that see us in a search engine results list?

But if they are both important for SEO I'm having hard time making them different from each other.

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Ignore your first 2 answers here, they are misleading.

Meta title is most important for SEO. I recommend that you front load it with your target keyword/phrase. Optimise your title in this way for search engines, but also make it enticing for searchers. Max 66 characters including spaces.

Meta description should have your target keyword or phrase in twice for search engines, and should be enticing for searchers. Max 150 characters including spaces.

Hope this helps.

1 year ago

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Meta tags are more tags for the search engine - the title isn't where keywords should go, that's more for human consumption (that's what pops up as search results, as well as what a page is called in bookmarks/browser tabs.) The title should make sense to actual people - not be a random bunch of words.

by ? - 1 year ago