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    I need help on using Ebay!?

    I don't understand ebay at all or this whole online business thing. I just want to sell my unused clothes. Anyone have the time to explain to me how to do this? And please include explanations on shipping to the customer.
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    it is really easy! - but does take some know-how. First you have to open a Ebay account and open a sellers account through ebay and paypal. For a seller like you - you will get 50 free auction listings a month (meaning free listing fees) you will still have selling fees of apps 13%. But you can start your auction at any price you want plus you can add buy it now option (I recommend adding buy it now to every listing) The shipping is fairly easy for a beginner only selling to US. You can charge a flat rate (order free flat rate boxes from USPS) or calculate shipping - which only means you will have to input the weight of the package. Packages under 13oz can ship first class - over 13 oz means priority. You can easily print labels directly from ebay and they take the cost out of your paypal fund account. Ebay has a great learning center http://pages.ebay.com/education/index.html You can find the learning center at the top right hand side under customer support on any ebay page that will give more explicit details on how to sell. I hope this helps. Ebay seller 4yrs
    a few seconds ago

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