Where do I find products to put on my spotify store website.?

I would like to get other stores technology and computer ads on my site like a store but I can't seem to find businesses that would pay commission for either clicks to their site from my ad, or a percentage of the profit made off any sales form people going there through the ad on my site.

Well I don't have any products. Spotify has a 30 day trial so I thought maybe I could get products in the store and start it up quickly. Where do I find companies that would allow me to sell their products, not ads, actual products to buy.

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I'm not Spotify hip, but generally speaking putting ads on a store site can cannibalize your traffic ( cause a loss of sales), as a buyer, I always view such ads on store sites as a lack of commitment and confidence on the operator's part.

Typically it's a struggle to get enough visitors to your store site, refining the sales page can boost sales, one can't always assume the design you start with is anything near optimal.

You might create music fan satellite sites on free hosts to direct more visitors to your store, it would be more reasonable to insert ads and affiliate links on these sites, seems quite tolerant of such activities.

1 year ago