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    Ebay? i want to be a seller?

    Well i want to sell these books and could i just put it in the mailbox and tell them to send it or do i need to the Postal office?
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    If your selling books I'd recommend selling them on Amazon since that's more of Amazon's specialty. Not sure if your already an eBay seller, but PayPal is required and all that good stuff. Plus they do double charges (ebay fee's then Paypal fee's). Auctions get complicated when you have non paying winners etc. Amazon it's direct. customer likes your item, pays for it, you get the order, they front you all the shipping, so you don't have to spend any real money for shipping out of your pocket. It'll just come out of the sale. Print it from your computer slap it on the package put it in the mailbox & your done. Half.com also specializes in books but they're on the shady side (F in their BBB report). & Abes Books is also great for selling books. Also in case you have many sales and cant' fit all the books in the maibox what you'll want to do is create an account on USPS.COM (post office) and you'll want to schedule mail pick up where your mailman will get the sheet the next day and go to your door to personally pick up all your packages. Going to teh post office is athing of the past :) Oh & you can order free mailing supplies from there that they'll delivery also for free. hope that helps! GL :)
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    • I think the best approach is to showcase the item on Ebay and have a link to your personal website. Ever hear of EC-CUBE? Its a free shopping cart suite that you can put on your site. It doesn't require any programming and takes minutes to setup. If your really interested in selling items on Ebay, I think this combination is the best way to go! Link below

      by Jonathan - 4 hours ago

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