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    How much does ebay charge on selling fees? Any paid website suggestions?

    I'm looking for a way to make some cash online. I heard that ebay charges a good bit for selling, listings and other stuff. Can anyone break it down please because their website confuses. With Amazon one user says that they don't like used things. Is that true? Which is better? Also who knows any websites that pay for stuff like surveys, answering questions stuff like that online. I appreciate it. The highest points to the BEST answer and i will check this every day daily :D. HONEST I PROMISE!
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    A better and easier way to find out exactly how much your going to have to pay in fee's and see how much net profit your going to be making on your product, you'll want to use an eBay & PayPal fee calculator - http://www.rolbecalc.com/ There's also another one on Ebay but it only calculates the fee's. You can always check that out on http://pages.ebay.com/sellerinformation/news/Feecalculator.html Both websites will take a nice chunk from what you make. & the user who told you that Amazon buyers don't like buying used items is absolutely TRUE. Amazon has the highest standards so buyers are expecting the best. Even if you include condition notes saying that there's no artwork, or something's damaged, and a buyer happens to just randomly pick yours with out even looking at the notes, once they receive, & it's a 50/50 chance that they'll chew you out. Best thing is to bow down be nice, otherwise, they'll just take it to the next level & either give you a neg or even possibly file an a-z claim where you will lose 100% of the time since Amazon will always choose their buyers over a 3rd party seller. So unless your used items are in very good condition, and complete save your self a headache & list those items on eBay and just take actual picture of the item. Oh, and nobody mentioned limitations for noobs on eBay. You'll be limited to only listing 10 items per month. You can do that AND sell your items on other marketplaces since there's tons out there. One that is pretty laid back is Yardsellr.com cool people on there and you can just sell and not have to worry about suspensions if you don't answer a buiyer within 24hrs. OH & they are the only marketplace where you pay ZERO fee's. Sellers pay nothing & instead it's buyers who pay a small fee but they get 'photons' in order to cover it. You'll have tons of time to ship your items. Bonanza.com is also another great website cool community, get your own booth, low fee's. As far as the survey stuff questions, there's www.rewardtv.com/ if you like doing that stuff. But for me that's way too slow of a process. There's other sites where you can get bigger and better items like Listia.com which you'll def dig. Just check it out n guarantee you 'll like the site. If you become a member feel free to shoot me a message on there - XombieNation
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    • EBay charges listing fees plus final value fees. Final value fees are 9-13% of the amount of what the buyer pays you. This includes 9-13% of shipping too. Paypal charges 2.9% on the total payment you receive, including sipping, plus 30cents on domestic sales. 3.9% on the total payment you receive, including sipping, plus 30cents on international sales. EBay is the only sight that offers the worldwide coverage that I need. Google 'online auction sites' --- take a looksee. I've checked 'em and they don't attract the buyers I'm looking for.

      by Sam - a day ago

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