Is this website a scam?

it looks amazing but way too good to be true

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Most of those easy money offers are BS, that expires tomorrow note is typical of their deceptive advertising, I really don't know what this one is about, appears to be Herballife MLM, I see some 7000 member pages titled "MyGreatShapeToday" generally being one of 7000 pages on the same site with much the same content will be ignored by search engines, the best free prospect source for other sales sites.

It might be worth your while to watch the Penn & Teller BS episode on MLMs, which made more sense in pre-internet days when local reps who went door to door, and regional managers were needed. Now too many people are stepping on each other selling to the same internet space.

Some internet pros estimate that 95% of people who try to make money on the internet fail, these are typically people with no business or marketing experience, the only plus, you can try and fail on the internet with little investment, probably less than this course costs if you look elsewhere, like the member authored tutorials in the WSO part of

Here's someone else appropriating the same graphic

One warning about herbal life promos using that same graphic

Reproducing the whole promo code makes you look a bit like an affiliate promoter.

This looks like these may be promoter reviews of that and similar looking programs.
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