Is there a way to find out which US State does the most online searches for a particular item, term, or phrase?

I am not sure if there is a website out there that has these details or search histories, or if Google Keyword tool might be able to help. I would like to narrow search terms or phrases down to each "state". Which state seems to get the most searches for this or that term. I am thinking of advertising in newspapers and would like to know which audience would possibly be the most responsive to the ad especially since I will only get to try out only 1 statewide advertising for now.

Thanks for any information that may help regarding any sites or tools that have this information. I will or should check back often for responses. Have a great day. =)

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What I would do if I was in your situation is this:

1. Head over to
2. Type in the keyword(s) and hit ENTER
3. From the next page, I'd narrow down the results using the left-side menu to select the specific region/state I was interested in.

It's time consuming to go after several keywords at a time and see what States do the most searching for said keyword, but this is the only source I know where you can narrow down said criteria.

Hope that helps you?


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