what is the best business like avon, mary k ect.?

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I believe MLMs tend to be an outdated concept, it made more sense in the days before the internet when you were assigned a territory and manager to help you out, Now you have reps tripping over each other in the same internet space, and recruitment rather than sales seems more than ever the focus.

Since your posting in the SEO section I assume you would be using the internet, there are countless affiliate and CPA lead programs that can earn you money, without sharing revenue with a pyramid of other people. Bear in mind that the vast majority of those who try to make money on the internet fail, these include many with no business management or sales experience who would not tackle the same thing in the real world.

The Penn & Teller BS program episode on MLM is worth a viewing.

Because they are so recruitment focused, you no doubt will hear a lot of success testimonials from those wanting to collect a percentage of your future earnings,

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The beautiful thing about Avon is that there's no sales quota and you earn 40% off of what you sell. No you don't have to buy the products you need to sell, you'll only be ordering what customers want to order from you.

As far as Avon, I love being a rep. I've been with Avon for almost 5 years and when I first started I was working full time and going to college so it definitely works around your schedule. I'd say in the beginning I was able to make about $200-300 every month and it has increased after 5 years now. Plus it was just $10 to join so I wasn't breaking the bank to join, lol. I hope that help but if you have any questions feel free to ask.


by Rebecca - 1 year ago