What Is The Best Way To Get Affiliates To Promote Your Product?

I am an engineering manager, and I have taken lots of terrible feature based CAD training (most of it is). I decided I could do much better, and I did. I have a great product, a website that is set up to sell my product with affiliate integration but am now lost. Where is the best place to go to meet affiliate marketers? Is there a 1-stop shop, like eBay? Do I have to pay them up front, or do they just take a percentage?

I am going to offer 50%


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I have done quite a bit of affiliate marketing (on the affiliate end) so I might be able to help you out. Many big sites outsource their affiliate programs to an affiliate network. Popular ones are Avantlink, linkshare, and commission junction. However, there are tons of these networks out there (Some more professional then others).

I mainly use Avantlink, and really enjoy them. They have the best, most professional user interface out of any network I've tried and my experience with them has been great. As I understand it they charge merchants a set up fee when you start with them, and then manage all of the tracking and payment to affiliates.

While this works really well, it seems like you want to manage your own affiliate program. While you'll keep more of the profits from this it is more work. If you're up for it, the best way is through advertising. 50% commission is pretty great so it should attract affiliates to sell for you. There shouldn't be any upfront payment to them, you only give them the commission after the sale (and take it back it the sale is refunded).

Your affiliate button placement is good, but it just takes you to a signup page. Without much information about the program before hand the less likely affiliates are to sign up. An affiliate information page should explain all your policies, such as commission rates, cookie duration, precedence of cookies when multiple affiliates refer somebody, payments plans, etc. The more transparent the process the more they'll trust you.

You could advertise your affiliate program with targeted Google ads. You could also try to find affiliates directly through forums. Try CAD forums maybe and look for people interested in partnering with you? The Warrior Forum at is all about internet marketing and that would also be a good place to find people interested in selling products in your niche.

Clickbank is a viable place to sell products as well. You list your product on Clickbank and then affiliates can find it and promote it. Clickbank generally has less professional products however, like home made ebooks and videos. Some can be really good, but it is a different feel from a professional affiliate network.

Your website looks really good, and I feel it could be really successful. Wish you the best of luck!

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You can use SEO to advertise for affiliates. The best way is to sign up your website to an affiliate program such as ABestWeb and Clickbank, etc.


by Kyle - 1 year ago

The answer for you question ,if the product you are selling would reach the customer in the form a software that could be downloaded ,is the platform for vendors Clickbank

here only e-products can be sold ..not any physical products


by Yashwanth - 1 year ago