How do I get blog traffic?

So I've done everything I can to get traffic flow going, but what do I do now? Do I just keep going on my blog and wait for people to slowly come in or do they start coming speratically? I don't really know what the next step is.

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Hi David

Getting traffic is also an ongoing process... I would recommend to do some of the following methods to get traffic to your blog... some of them you always have to do again and again, but you will always get more and more traffic from it....

There are lots of methods to drive traffic to your blog, you can try some of the following:

- PPC (like google adwords, but there are lots of other PPC services) - paid traffic
- Video Marketing (especially via YouTube)
- here at Yahoo! Answers
- do SEO
- submit articles about your forum
- Squidoo and Hubpages
- Blog commenting
- Forum posting
- Craigslist
- email marketing
- Ad Swaps / Solo Ads - paid traffic

If you want to learn more abouth those methods, you can download my free ebook at:


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Learn about SEO to get better search engine ranking and traffic, write about what people are searching, get a few links from decent sites, not spam engine junk links.

This tool helps find related sites, which are always te most productive and natural looking link sources.

Many of the hundreds of millions of mediocre sites never get significant traffic.

by Jake - 1 year ago

You are new to seo? I am sure you are new. You have to study about seo and I suggest you seomoz where Rand Fishkin will teach you by lectures and videos.

by Wilson - 1 year ago

hey , it is so simple .
you may check any traffic system websites or read about seo

thank you.

by Tekendra - 1 year ago

you should seo your site. if you do so your traffic flow will be more then before.
Now what is seo?
SEO is a technique, which is used by website owners, to improve the ranking of their websites in the search pages of various search engines like Bing, Yahoo or Google, which sites are extensively used by people looking for any particular services or products. For more information:


by Jony - 1 year ago

Quality content is absolutely fundamental to the success of your blog. Having bad content is like inviting people to a party and then telling them that there is no food or drink. People get disgruntled and leave.

by Kitty - 1 year ago

By writing unique content you can get more traffic from google in your site. Google is the best place to send huge traffic in your site shortly.

by Md atiqur - 1 year ago


I pitched this very question in a forum related to this topic a while ago. There is no real correct answer as traffic can come from many sources. Getting traffic is something that does not really stop, well especially in the beginning. You have to build your blog's presence. You can get free traffic from many ways such as blog commenting, guest posting, social media etc...

For a more in depth lowdown you could try the following techniques:

Solo Ads
PR Releases

These are just a few, but if you get good at just one you will see a steady stream of visitors to your site after a while.

Hope this helps.


by Jon - 1 year ago

Try to concentrate on ON PAGE SEO to gain much of organic traffic, keep posting regularly and maintain the quality of your posts.
Add Google Analytic to your site to monitor and optimize your blog accordingly.
Social media plays an important role in these things, you can pay for Facebook ads or just share your posts.
Use Scrapebox ,that will get you lots of backlinks within no time.
Backlinks are very important.
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by Hari - 3 months ago