Ways of making money?

So I'm 17 and I turn 18 in august and I've been looking for a job for months and nothings come along; my mom and dad want me out the house because I can't 'pay my way' and I've been searching and nothings come along, does anybody know a way I can make money?
It has to be legal -_-
Its urgent please help :(

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You could start a blog on something your passionate about and down the road when you get some traffic and turn 18, you could sign up for adsense or affiliate programs related to your blog.

If you start a blog, I recommend getting wordpress and install it on a web host and use your own domain such as

I use for hosting my blog. They even have softaculous installed which would allow you to easily install wordpress with just your mouse.

You could also check out for ways of making money.

Good luck.

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There will be more possibilities when you reach 18, you could start now working on a web site that might, if you were super lucky pay off down the road in advertising / affiliate money. Those who succeed really treat it like a publishing business, making their site one of the best in their specialized field. If you do have a burning enthusiasm for something you might consider making a site, it could be free, or to look more professional add a custom address-name for $12 a year.

There are not very many easy ways to make money on the internet these days, most people who try never make significant money.

There are paid to click schemes, capcha solving and fake surveys that may miserably little money.

There are special skills to learn to have any chance of profiting in affiliate marketing, the safest approach is to create a useful web site that attracts visitors after months of development time, where you show ads or promote affiliate links to products. A number of internet marketing rookies spend time at the site.

If one at least had decent writing skills it's possible to find some work on freelance marketplace sites like and, more qualified workers are more likely to work through and, projects are put up for bid, competition from the worldwide can make for low pay rates in some cases.

There are also micro task sites that pay small change for a few minutes work, popular with 3rd world countries, some in the U.S. do them instead of crossword puzzles, the original Mechanical Turk was created by Amazon the online store to 'automate' tasks a computer couldn't do, like pick the better of 2 pictures they named after the 18th century Mechanical Turk chess playing machine that had a man hidden inside, shortTask and microworkers have similar micro tasks, some individual jobs are a bit shady, like signing up for product trials, doing surveys, but you get to choose which tasks to perform.

by Jake - 1 year ago

I think I can help you I'm 18 myself just turned 18 jan 1st. Email me bro

by Robin - 1 year ago

Wait for your 18th birthday or do something online.

by Wilson - 1 year ago

Try to get instant freelancing job from different online marketplace like Odesk, freelancer, elance etc.

by Md atiqur - 1 year ago