What's the best way to advertise a new junk removal company?

I'm starting with 5000 flyers, door magnets on my truck, banners on my trailer, a banner at Costco, Craigslist ad, and word of mouth through people I know. I've been going door to door with the flyers.

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That's a pretty specialized service for door to door promotion, ideally you would want to be found where people search for such a service. Craigslist makes sense to be, is another with about 1/5 the traffic, pennysaver ads might be worthwhile as well. I would do some serious research on the potential users of your business and target them if possible, people selling houses, real estate agents, contractors, some direct contact of potential business customers may call for a face to face meeting.

If you have a business address you could get a free Google Places page, perhaps the easiest way to be found in a local search, try some different searches until you see the A-G stick in symbols places pages have, to identify te category you fit in. Your chamber of commerce may have a place for flyers.

You probably know about the House Trashing services banks use to clean out repossessed homes, might be worth direct mailing banks, though it's probably a cornered market.

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Why you don't try some online source?

by Wilson - 1 year ago