Free software to drive target traffic to your affiliate website?

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Hi there

There are lots of so called 1 button softwares that promise you to get thousands of visitors within a day.... most of them are scams... or they drive traffic, but not targeted at all....
I know it sucks, but the best traffic is still what you do manually, or maybe with tools (some of them might work)...

Some good methods to drive traffic to your webiste are:

- PPC (like google adwords, but there are lots of other PPC services) - paid traffic
- Video Marketing (especially via YouTube)
- here at Yahoo! Answers
- do SEO
- submit articles about your forum
- Squidoo and Hubpages
- Blog commenting
- Forum posting
- Craigslist
- email marketing
- Ad Swaps / Solo Ads - paid traffic


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A free money printer while your at it would further simplify things.

Those traffic generators are all questionable as to the chance of that traffic converting to sales, sending junk traffic to a store site that never converts to sales is not good for your reputation with the store, on the other hand, some forms of affiliate programs will pay those delivering a lot of buyers a bonus or higher pay rate. There are some services that offer samples of very questionable free traffic.

Really you have to put in the effort, perhaps create a presence on a bunch of free social sites to help improve the search ranking of that affiliate web site.

by Jake - 1 year ago

do you have a website?

that is key to drive traffic..... it takes money to make money. check out this site if you don't have a website

by ts - 1 year ago

There are many software's that can do this job and will throw your website in hell(penalized).

by Wilson - 1 year ago

check out to find all marketing tools

by Sahan - 4 months ago