Please please please help in ebay?

So I bided on an iphone 3gs and I have never bought anything online .... Is this safe? will it arrive in time or will it be late? And how will they charge me? I haven't put a credit card number or anything? Please explain a full explaination on how this whole online purchase happen
I only bided 10$ lol that's why I was so couraged to do it

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You can get a new iPhone 5 for just $199 with new service contract. Why would you buy a used phone from a complete stranger? That phone has no warranty and may not work with your wireless carrier or in your country.

For new shoppers, eBay is very dangerous!

1 year ago

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You have to join eBay and open a PayPal account before you can bid on items. There's no way to tell from what you say how long something would take to arrive; there is an estimate of that on the eBay site when you are bidding. Perhaps you could put this off for a while and work on your spelling.

by The Whistling Gypsy - 1 year ago

Iphone 3gs? I think you should not buy it reason is simple that this is old version of Apple. Wait for some time and buy Iphone 4 or 4s when you will be able to buy.
If you have no other option then 3gs then check ebay policy.

Good Luck for purchasing Iphone.

by Wilson - 1 year ago