How do you take items off your cart on eBay?

I put buy it now on accident please tell me how

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On ebay, a click for buy it now is a contract that you agree to buy and ebay does not have 'carts' where you can just cancel the order. You've entered an agreement to buy and ebay doesn't support your canceling. You will have to contact the seller and ask if he would please forgive your misunderstanding of the process and would he be willing to cancel the transaction.

Withdrawing a Purchase
According to eBay's customer support service, the Web site's technology does not allow you to withdraw a "Buy It Now" decision. eBay recommends that you contact the seller of the item to see if he will allow you to cancel the transaction.

Contacting Seller Electronically
To contact a seller through eBay's messaging system, log into eBay, then go to "My eBay." Look for the "Buy" heading in the left column of the page that loads, then click on "Won/Purchased." On the next page that loads, look through the list of items, and click on the link for the one that you hope to cancel. After the listing opens, look for the seller's name and feedback rating in the upper portion of the screen on the right-hand side. Click on the seller's name, then look for the "Contact Member" link on the left side of the next page that appears. Click the button beside "Request to Change an Order," then click "Continue." Type your message in the box provided on the next page, then press send.

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there is no cart. if you clicked buy it now, you have to pay.

BUT for future reference there is the "watch" button for when you just want to view or consider and item.

by dourdan - 1 year ago