What is the best website to create a website?

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I dont know if this is the answer youre looking for, but let me tell you what I do. I dont rely on third party sites to host my websites for me. I enjoy hosting my own website on my home computer! I have total control that way. No ads. No restrictions on bandwidth or on hard drive space. And its totally free!

And you dont have to learn how to program either. Web design is an easy language to learn, but it is not essential since you can download for free many templates or web site software (wikipedia style, wordpress style, or just generic web pages full of whatever content you wish).

Its rewarding, I feel.

If youre interested, look into (my personal favorite server) XAMPP. This program will give people access to your computers website folder.

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Have to know what kind of site you need.
Few free site:

by Tohid - 1 year ago

I suggest you visit elance which has a great deal of professional willing to help you build your site from scratch according to your specifications

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hope this helps you out


by the carnage - 1 year ago