So I signed up for a website called

Has anyone tried it or have any information on it. Its set up through treasure chest and I get paid through paypal which sounds legit. I just want to know if its a scam before I continue and give out more information.

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Just knowing the pattern of work at home offers rarely delivering the advertised earning potential I would be cautious, a low cost program providing some inspiration and accountability/coaching may be just what some people need, but you might find most of the information can be found in a member authored $7 WSO ebook at, this looks like the small timer operation that could actually be recruiting people to cold call sell his own products.
There are plenty of larger operations with Virtual Call Center at home telephone work, I'm not sure where you may look, freelance marketplaces like, probably have some offered.

The internet is filled with work at home offers that are either exaggerations or complete frauds, this ABC TV report gave some examples that remind you that a healthy level of skepticism is sensible when dealing with the internet.

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The 3 month old site is registered to someone name David in Texas.

Here's a recent ad that may look familiar.

In 2007 he was advertising: "$1,000,000 IN 90 DAYS WITH THIS CASH SYSTEM"

This appears to be discussing one of his telemarketing campaigns for

He appears to also own about 50 web site names, including:

Give him a 1/2 point credit for not using the more secretive ways to conceal one's ventures.

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