Can I pay later on Ebay for bids?

I just recently started shopping on eBay so I just wanted to know:

if I bid on an item but I don't have the money on my PayPal yet because it's processing can I still purchase the item even if the expiry date of the bid item is before the time the money arrives on my PayPal?

Thanks! (Sorry in a newbie) XD

1 year ago - 2 answers

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you can bid on an item and after won the bid ebay will give you 4 days to pay for that item. so you need to arrange money in four days...

1 year ago

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You can, but it's very rude. Sellers don't list their items as finger exercises, they're on eBay to make money. Which means they want to be paid immediately. If you don't, they can block you from bidding on their items again, and if you wait 4 days, they can report you to eBay as a non-paying bidder.

by G - 1 year ago