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Can someone explain this to me, please? I'm trying to advertise my website and I'm thinking about using Google's Adwords to help out. It's understandable that since I'm advertising using Google, I would have to pay them but what I don't understand is the amount to select. This might sound like a silly question but I have to make sure before making a mistake. When choosing the budget, does it really matter how much you select? Like would it advertise more if I raised the amount? What's good enough amount?

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While Adwords can deliver highly qualified prospects interested in your subject, it can be big money loser for all but those store sites with optimized sales pages and finely tuned ad campaigns.

Cost per clicks is more like $0.50 to $5.00 in most cases, depending of the competitiveness of the keyword selected, commonly sales pages make a sale to 1 in 25 to 100 visitors, meaning the cost of a sale could range between $12.50 to $500 you can see how optimizing the sales funnel and careful keyword selection can make a big difference.

By all means set your daily spend limit to a reasonable number, the wrong combinations of settings could almost bankrupt you. If planning any significant expenditures, be sure to study all you can, a separate paid book or course beyond Google's info may be a big saver, there's probably a video course on

Another self serve ad system that's not bad to start with for more consumer oriented marketing is Facebook paid ads, the approach is quite different, while you can get people focused on a problem you hae the solution for through Google sponsored search, you are interrupting people's social meanderings on Facebook, typically the ads have to be more superficial, the photo must be a standout to break through banner blindness. The big Facebook advantage, terrific demographic targeting setting, you can specify you only want to be seen by Engaged women, living in your city between 18 and 30 it will give you an advance estimate of the potential number of members you can reach. This data can be useful for various market research, like considering a franchise store location.

Both of these ad systems have first time user only vouchers of $30 - $100, don't miss out on that.

The Keyword Phrase Selection process you apply to sponsored search ads can provide a list of phrases you should also incorporate in your content to raise your "free" organic search ranking and traffic. Some write a separate article focused on each major keyword, including it in the title.
(They also have an ad network where you pick sites)

Anyone can use the Adwords keyword tool for research and get 10 results, logged into an Adwords account you get 800 results and more columns like click cost.

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If you want to advertise your business with Google and you select Pay Per Click,(PPC) you will pay Google each time a unique IP or visitor, clicks the ad you are advertising. The amount you need to decide on should be based on how many visitors you can expect to get. A rule of thumb is if you are going to pay, let's say, 1 penny per click and you expect you will have 3000 visitors, you should budget 1.5 times the amount of traffic you can expect. In this case would be $45. This is a low ball example but you should budget based on what you can afford against what amount of traffic you expect to have visit your site. This can be costly but If you find that PPC gets to costly, you can change your plan but that'll impact the SEO Google does when it promotes your site.
It really matters how much you budget because if you don't sell a product to get an ROI, you could wind up spending a lot of money.

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Pay per click website are great try they will give you $20 bonus towards your advertising and you will end up paying a lot less per click starting at .01 and get the same great response.


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