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    Not getting any views on Squidoo?

    Hi I'm trying to get into Affiliate Marketing and I'm using Squidoo for it this was my first time trying and It's been up for a few days and it's 100% done and has the green check mark like it's supposed to but I only have 3 views (2 are because I had my friends check it out to see if it was good) it's been a few days now I thought it would have more I put good tags on and everything what's going on? I only have 1 post could that be why? would I get higher on the list if I posted more?
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    Best Answer

    Hopefully your Squidoo lens is search engine optimized? If not, you're missing out on a lot of traffic there. If it is, then you should be getting backlinks to your lens. You can also post a link to your lens to all your social networks i.e. Twitter, Facebook, etc...
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