How do i make an advertisement page?

For a wedding planning business

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Use a graphic design application like Adobe Photoshop to create the advertisement design.

Export the advertisement design as a .jpg file.

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Upload the .jpg version of the advertisement design to your active web server.

Open the webpage that you want to add the advertisement box to in a web editing program like Adobe Dreamweaver.

Locate the section of the page's HTML code where you want to add the advertisement box. Type <img src="ad.jpg" alt="My Advertisement" />.

Replace "ad.jpg" from Step 5 with the exact name of the file you exported in Step 2. Then replace "My Advertisement" with a description of your advertisement.

Save the updated webpage code, and load your website in a browser to view the advertisement box.

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Other Answers

There are plenty of sites that offer free one page online business card pages, ultimately the real issue is getting people to find it.

If you can provide a verifiable business you can get a quite valuable free Google Places Page, having an address also gets you into a variety of yellowpage, superpage, yelp sort of listings, which are used in part by Google to rank theses pages. Occasionally a home based business can get one of their major supplier/partners to provide their store address.

Try Google searching: Wedding Planner, your city the A-G stick pin symbols mark the top 7 places pages which get the lion's share of the business, there are others... a link brings up.

You could setup a more substantial sales page/site on a free host, a blog host like Google's popular would do, to look more professional you would get a custom business domain name like for about $12/yr. setting up accounts on various social sites like Facebook, Google Plus and Pinterest can be helpful

Once you had an effective information/sales page you still would need to get people to it, having a contact address helps search engines match it up to local people. A business often has to resort to paid internet advertising to get people to their page. Two quite different self serve ad systems that can be good to start with are Google Adwords and Facebook paid ads. For a premium fee you can get people who are searching for a closely related subject due to competitive bidding "Wedding Planner" searchers would probably cost more than "Finding Wedding Facilities" searches. These paid ad viewers should be interested in your services.
Facebook ads have to interrupt someone's social meandering, hey are more like newspaper advertisements on the comics page. Often something like a picture of a happy couple is the most important part of these ads. Both of these ad systems provide geographical targeting so you only pay for people within driving distance to see your ads. Facebook has some great demographic targeting options, based on member profile information you can tailor ads for a specific age range, gender and marriage/engagement status.
Both of these ad systems use $30 - $100 first time user vouchers to entice people to try out the system.

by Jake - 1 year ago