Is a legit website?

I wanted to know if it was legit or not before i give any info to them.

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Talk about your fly by night operations, that site is only 2 days old !!
No, free iPads are extremely hard to come by, all those offers throw up near impossible hoops to jump through to qualify, some more shady operations, like that site may never pay out, (actually they look like an affiliate who gets $1 for delivering you to the offer front door) Typical free iPad, $500 gift card offer requires you to complete 13 different product offers, trials, etc, you have to have a cr4dit card to attempt these, those that require you to refer others who must also complete it makes things even tougher.

To find out about a site yourself you often can expose the facts with a whois look-up

Often Chines counterfeit sites in business for weeks will become obvious, some use a paid proxy to conceal the real owner, some Chinese operations use hokey faked U.S. addresses. This one is a more unsure case, he gives a Florida address, but oddly leaves the state out of the form.
That creation date is the bid stay away red flag in this case.

you can enter the registration address of a web site into Google maps, street view to see if it's a house ,PO Box or business address.

It seems to be hosted on that shows an identical site, maybe a reseller account? registered to a different Florida address and name.

There are reports of that name perpetrating Phishing scams

The owner also runs these shady sites:

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Of course it is a website.
Stop buying things on-line from mysterious websites. Buy things from your local community and you don't have to worry about being scammed. There's very little on-line that you cannot buy locally.

Problem solved.

by falsi fiable - 1 year ago

I doubt it. A legitimate website would use their own design and not copy someone else. It was most likely done to trick users into thinking it is funded or supported by Facebook (it even shows a Facebook copyright at the bottom of the page). Almost none of the links seem to work; they all refer back to the same page. The only link that *does* work refers to a known scam site (, which has a highly negative reputation.

It's a good rule of thumb that if something appears to be too good to be true, it *is* too good to be true. No one is going to give you a free iPad or anything free of consequence by just taking your e-mail address.

I can imagine that if you deal with these people in any way, your e-mail address will most likely be inundated with spam.

by Nimbletoes - 1 year ago