Is it advisable to combine using adwords, and the products are your google adsense?

So i figured i wanted more exposure for my site, but i wondered if using a campaign on adwords would be a right combination if the page at the end of that just had the post and content as well as the google ads at the same time. Im looking for different opinions on this, or if people have gone through this and would like to share their experience with this.

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Normally no, you bid on Adwords keywords and land them on pages designed to achieve a goal, e.g. a sale or a lead.

it's a flawed startegy to have adsense units on your landing pages because

1) you're admitting that the traffic is low quality and it's not converting well so you're trying to get some money back from adsense clicks.

2) Often you will pay for more in adwords clicks than make a return from adsense clicks. This is almost ALWAYS the case. So what can happen is your competitors can leech of your Adwords traffic by advertising on your adsense unit. LOL

So no, don't do this. Keep you adwords clean and distraction free


1 year ago

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Do you think regularly optimizing placements and placement bids in Google Adwords helps prevent wasted spend? You better bet it does. My company was doing PPC in house and I was a little frustrated that the profits simply weren't justifying the spend. The whole process of regular optimization requires an experienced hand and my in-house employees just didn't have it. What made perfect sense to me was to outsource it to experts. Simon over at RDM gave us a hand and now we can spend $30k per month on ads without worry because now the investment pays off in profits. Simon's phone number? Why yes, you may have it:888-641-5026 .

by Steve - 1 month ago