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    What is the consensus regarding SEO with Bing and Yahoo today?

    I have a website that caters towards a niche called cyberpunk, it's at oneder.x10.mx I optimized the wordpress site for google, but I'm not sure how much time I should invest in optimizing it for yahoo and bing. Any advice would be wonderful.
    7 months ago 6 Answers

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    For the past couple of years Google has held steady just below 70% of all searches. The lion share of the rest of that is Bing. Sadly, even though this is Yahoo we are on when it comes to searches they are very much currently out of the running. With that said, Bing seems to be concentrating heavily on Facebook integration, while Google seems to be in the "dominate the world" phase that every large tech companies goes through. So this probably means that in 2013 you will see a small increase in Bing search and slight decrease in Google searchers. For the most part what this means for you business, is that since Bing is going heavily into Facebook integration and since Google still is dominating search engine traffic still, your time for right now would be better served having a good integration of your blog with social media. Especially concentrate on having your site be mobile compatible given the extreme number of mobile device searches. Hope that helps!
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    Other Answers

    • The title on your pages is one of important so ensure that the title has decent keywords in it men and women actually search for. As well, you should exchange one way links with someone. Pay a visit to link exchange site and exchange your blog name with somebody elses. Put a traffic to their website on yours and they will position yours on there's. Just create a individual page with only links.

      by Trey - 4 hours ago

    • Without any idea related to SEO the you could hire an WEB OPTIMIZATION for your site. Or you can learn on your own. First of all you have to pick decent keywords by using rule tool.

      by Jessica - 4 hours ago

    • if this were me, i may get a plugin rapid you appear to be working with wordpress and there are a crowd of poweful plugins you need to use! they are free, too. but that is the simple and easy way - it looks like there are more important changes you can make

      by Veronica - 4 hours ago

    • usually a search engine spider android will index the primary page of a blog and follow the readily available links to the other pages of content deep within the indoors of the web site. yet , if your home page sat nav system is in caffeine script, or you choose images instead of word, some of the search engines is not able to read the back links and will then by pass the pages strong within your sit

      by Gina - 4 hours ago

    • Optimise your website to increase your chances of getting top rankings in natural google. Research keyword phrases in addition to use them in your web-site. Put your text in your title, finalidad tags, intro, system, end, and hyperlink text.

      by Julie - 4 hours ago

    • Make sure your sitemap.xml is registered with Bing Webmaster Tools. Then make sure your Google Analytics has got ROI goals - ie it is logging when a visitor does what you want them to do - e.g. buy a product, sign up for a newsletter, click an ad, etc. Use Google Analytics to monitor if Bing or Yahoo visitors are better at converting. From an eCommerce point of view I've found Bing visitors are 5 times more likely to buy a product than Google so although visitor numbers are low, quality is much higher

      by Doodled - 4 hours ago

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