What is the best website builder that is free?

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My absolute favorite is Google sites. Good old Google!


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I know about more than 40 websites. They are providing facility to make free website. But word press is one of the best option ever.

by Wilson - 1 year ago



by jim coe - 1 year ago

There are a lot of them, but only a handful of them are of high quality and is very user friendly.

If you are only building a normal website (not an online store), I highly suggest you checkout Weebly as they are one of the best drag and drop website creators in the market.

If you are thinking of building an online store, then check out Jimdo. They're fantastic as well in that they have a very good e-commerce feature to let you start selling without a super steep learning curve. They have systems to help you manage inventory and also auto emails that go out to your customers once they purchase, and email notification to you about the sale. It makes managing your sales a lot easier.

Here are a couple of good reviews on Weebly and Jimdo:

Good luck!


by Byen - 1 year ago