How to market a product?

I don't know where to look so hopefully someone can answer this. If I have an idea for a product where do I go to get it started? Where do I take it? Please help thank you so much.

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Firstly, before you can market a product, you need a product.
It really depends on the product.
*Is it a good product?
*Is it service oriented or inventory oriented.
*Do you need to create inventory?
*How much money do you need to successfully create this product and launch it?

The marketing part:
1. Determine your target audience.
2. Determine the cheapest and most effective unique way to reach them.

Since you left out the details, that is the best advice I can give you.

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Professional inventors will tell you a good idea alone is a dime a dozen, there are plenty of inventor assistance services who are obliged to state that most inventions fail. You probably have to self fund the creation of samples to show to potential investors or distributors.

Some notes I had

Comprehensive article on Invention services by Patent Attorneys Invention Evaluation $250, Product Assessment $270
"Invent Land"
A complaint and company response. complaints

just know the vast majorities of invention ideas cost people thousands with nothing to show in the end, hence it's easy to find complaints against such companies just or not.

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