How does PPC (pay per click) work?

How do I best start with PPC? which networks, ticks and tricks that I should know?

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Google Adwords might be a little more expensive than the others because it's the most famous one.
You can check out my source and get a step by step guide for PPC, hope that helps...


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in PPC, you have to click on an ad and not only have to keep open for 1-30 secs, you also need to stay on that page and kinda look at it. If you try to do anything else like checking emails or facebook the time will pause and when you will back on that ad the time will continue from where it was paused. And if you open another ad at the same time, you wont get paid (By the way it depends & varies, but most of them have this rule, one ad at one time)

you can check this link.


by Omar - 1 year ago

Google Adwords may have some of the best converting search PPC traffic, it's also one of the most expensive ad networks. Watch for first time user vouchers of $50-$100, web site hosting companies often give them out as sign up bonuses.

Being a keyword bidding based system, it's essential to do keyword research to determine tyhose that best convert to sales, PPC keywords are often similar to organic search targeted keywords, you must be a bit more selective with PPC,

PPC is convenient in that you only pay for a user action and not for the number of ad impressions required to get a click. Some people have tried to Game the system by creating ads that don't get clicks but provide some branding promotion value. Some have written ads saying "Please don't lick, call this phone#" if an ad have very low click through rates Google will raise the click cost and lower it's result position.

Facebook's paid ads is another good place to start with PPC ads, it is a significantly different system. While sponsored search ads bring people with a specific keyword phrase on their minds. Facebook ads are interrupting someone's social meandering, they have to be presented in a somewhat more entertaining form on facebook, ther are very specific demographic targeting details available with Facebook ads.

by Jake - 1 year ago

You have to your add at one website, then you have to decide how much you pay for each link, because PPC is one of the best method for Relevant traffic

by Roy Pierce - 1 year ago