What's the best way to advertise my new online store.?

Looking for the best ways to advertise my new online store.

I make accessories for little girls.

Check them out.

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Typically a store site with no substantial text content needs to use paid advertising. It's too low a sale price to use most paid advertising where you could expect to pay for 25 - 100 clicks to secure one sale.

Adding text in anyplace on the site you can justify, like more lengthy flowery descriptions of the category menus and individual products, and added fashion advice articles may help search engine ranking if done in conjunction with some quality backlink acquisition, read up on SEO...

You may have to participate in a bunch of social sites especially any that are image intensive like Tumblr, Pinterest, of course you need a company Facebook page too.

I believe showing some on would cost 20 cents per item listed plus 6% ? of the sale.

I heard the success story of one woman who had a successful bow business, expanded to sell tights and something else as well. She went through an expensive training program to learn the business of marketing on the internet. Many successful online retailers make no profit on the first sale, but recognize the value of acquiring a new customer to whom they will be making multiple repeat sales in the future, maintaining a buyer email list that you regularly write to is key to making repeat sales.

Those getting high traffic are able to test variations in their sales page to find to optimal layout, just trusting the generic design you have been given is not great business.

A custom domain name for $10-$12/yr would be the next step up, gives you better SEO control.

One seminar/video training course: 43 SPLIT TESTS by internet marketing educator Ryan Deiss reports on the effect of specific series of A-B tests, (these can be web site specific) some of his figures (if you can believe them): ($197 last I heard)

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Create backlinks on other high pagerank websites. Boost your ranking and increase traffic!


by Danny Boettcher - 1 year ago

Advertisement is mostly need to sell your product. While reading your question, i got it. I could know that your online store is created by little girls accessories, thus you should have to make advertise with little girl either online base or media. Otherwise, you cannot do this, you can take a help this process

by Alien - 1 year ago