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I have an idea on starting t-shirt business. I already have a good idea, and my sister can make a great website for me. What are some other sources I will need? And where are some places to get it? HELP.

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You may find that this is a highly competitive field with lots of people who had the same idea, I recall reading from someone who had setup a site to promote his original shirt line and was still waiting to make his first sale for the $1000 investment.

Take an hour to research the number of t-shirt sites already on the web.

A Google search for: inurl:"t-shirt" , finds 38 million pages discussing them.

There are now a number of print on demand sites that can affix your artwork to a number of objects, including shirts, you can setup a 'store' on these sites without having to invest in any inventory.,, and prices come out on e high side but might be a way to get your feet wet before committing to any big investments.

If you go your own way a Google search for T-shirt Drop Shipper might bring up an ad for a printing service costing $6 a shirt or less. recently had them for $4.95.

Higher end printers that ofer special features including expanded print areas include:

Many of the shirt sites have an affiliate program paying around 15% for bring in a sale.

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