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    Advertising what should i charge?

    I use to advertis online for a Salon and got them a lot of clients and they payed me 50% of there first visit and nothing after. Is that a good deal But yo day i got a offer for the same but. Different salon and i told them i will do it for the 50% first visit and 10% ever other time they come in after that. And they did not like the 10% Is that the right thing to why or why not? If why noy what should i do? Thanks Also the first salon i inproved the new customers by 50% i did not follow how many times they went back after the first time
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    Nobody in their right mind would agree to give 10 Royalty on that person is it would be calledevery that person came in this is because youget 50% the 1st time because you did work ti get them there as per the job asks you to. Now it is the hair stylists job to retain their business thus if they always had to pay you 10 for certain that would end being great in your sho Heres whaha you mah negotiate.Getting a new cliente in the door is hard. and that job is yours. However everyime they come you win right? Okay so newbie =
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    • Although automated affiliate payment systems make it easier for a web business to pay an ongoing commission, it seem too complicated to me to force a salon to do it, all of their other advertising options are an initial acquisition cost, it;s easier to compare your performance to on the same basis. Negotiate a higher first time percentage if needed, reminding then that it's pretty common for other business to break even or lose money on the first transaction with a new customer.

      by Jake - 7 hours ago

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