How much would be the hosting cost per month to host an event ticket selling site (like

I do not have much idea how much traffic this site would get. A guess might be 10000 users per month. I just want to get a rough estimate how much I have to pay for hosting the site.

Amazon Cloud web service seems expensive. Any suggestion regarding scalable web hosting service is highly appreciated. Thanks for you time.

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Yea just data caching on AWS is pretty cheap but their complete site hosting is obscenely expensive, assume both for traffic and security reasons you would probably need a dedicated server. Whether is is managed for you, the speed of the PC and connection effect the cost of probably $75 to $300 a month.

Here are the options on the popular hostgator

That is really a fairly low traffic figure and realistically may be handled by a good quality shared server, something better than the run of the mill $8 a month deals. A middle ground may be a Virtual Private Server where you are allocated a portion of a server's resources, you are generally expected to hae a higher level of expertise to manage these private servers.

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