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    Jobs where you get paid (well) to travel the world?

    I'm very interested in exploring the world and I would like my career to involve doing what I love (I dont want to have to clean up after people though eg. Flight attendant or whatever). Any ideas would be really helpful thanks :)
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    Airline pilot? There are a number of cases where authorities in a field may in demand world wide, could be some sort of specialized consultant, a motivational speaker, or executive in a multi-national company, you may find that high paid people end up not having the time to enjoy the country they are in. The alternative may be adopting a low cost lifestyle and only living in temporary housing, working in some geo independent business like being an author, working on the internet and you can just change countries every year or so, tourists making quick tours often see only a facade and not the real country. One guy who lived an international lifestyle is the author of The 4 Hour Work Week, he made heavy use of outsourcers to afford him lots of free time to pursue his interests, something the typical exec working 60 hours a week can't experience.
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