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    is there any trusted websites to buy legit steroids?

    im very skinny and want to be a body builder. i want to start bulking up and getting more cut and toned. i want to use steroids but im scared , dont know where to get any or any trusted site. i live in los angeles. can any 1 help?
    a month ago 5 Answers

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    You have to understand that steroids are not muscles in a bottle, but rather they create a favorable environment for muscles to grow. Now If you're a beginner steroids would be a waste of money for you, you've got a lot of natural growth potential. If your diet and training is in check you'll make the biggest gains of your life if the first year. Steroids may be suitable for someone who's been training for a while, because what happens is eventually you'll stop growing. Its called reaching your genetic limit. That happens after about 5 years (roughly). I realize that you want big results and you want them yesterday, most people do, but my advice to you is train naturally for at least to years, your body is more than willing to put on muscles naturally. All you need is food and lots of it, you just have to eat in caloric surplus and train hard. If you do do steroids eventually, DO NOT buy them online, because you don't know where they came from. You'll be injecting that stuff into your body, you want it to be genuine stuff, not something made in an underground lab. Your best bet is to find someone at the gym who has them.
    3 years ago

    Other Answers

    • Buy legal steroids online

      by Jessica - 20 hours ago

    • The best way to bulk up is to do it the natural way. There are a TON of negative health issues that come up from using steroids (your balls shrinking in size being one of them). Roids are also incredibly expensive, and when you stop using them you lose a lot of the muscle. Join a gym and focus on working out 5 days a week. Start increasing your daily caloric intake, but make sure you're eating "clean foods." Chicken, brown rice, and veggies should all be staple foods for you. It's slow progress, but you should be able to put on about 2-3 pounds a month in LEAN muscle. While that doesn't seem like much, a year down the road you will be up 24-36 pounds!

      by Andrew W. - 20 hours ago

    • Your making a big mistake just train as normal but not to much or else your muscles will be big and all but your head won't......

      by Justin - 20 hours ago

    • Join a good gym, where there is a trainer for exercises.Mostly he would guide you properly for gym and using steroids for making your body toned and muscular.

      by Charles - 20 hours ago

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