Is eBay a trust website to shop?

Any experiences?

1 year ago - 5 answers

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Yes, I use ebay all the time! Just read the sellers ratings

1 year ago

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Yes, it's very trustable. When selling items, a seller cannot lie about the condition of a product, or any other preferences. The seller can be tried for fraud.

by Amy Awesome - 1 year ago

yes. it is safe. :) In the past, No. Nowadays, Yes. Therefore, with technologies made lying and scamming on ebay so easy to be identified. If you not lied or scammed, you're protected by the ebay buyer protection plans. :)

by Kayang Thao - 1 year ago

yes most people are good. and ebay's policys are fair

by dourdan - 1 year ago

VERY trustworthy!! Make sure to read the seller's reviews before you buy!

Example: I buy 3-4 things a month on eBay and almost always have great experiences. In December I bought a $250 gift card, paid the seller, and then never received the gift card. The seller tried to steal my money. I opened a case with eBay and had the money back in my account within a few days.

The buyer protection is FANTASTIC. Over the years I've had to open around 10 cases (out of a few hundred purchases) and have gotten my money back each and every time.

by ivannataco - 1 year ago