I updated my website but search engines didn't?

I had like a temporary website for about a month and now I changed it completely and here's the problem, when I look at my website on a search engine result is shows the title and description of my website as it was before I updated it, why doesn't it display the current one?

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That depends on how long it has been. Usually, it takes a week to ten days to make updates like this IF you are not building links to the site.

If you are building links it should only take a 1-4 days (on average).

If you aren't building links to the site yet, start building links to the site and it will get cached quickly.

If this doesn't work you might want to check out your robots.txt file. Make sure the bots aren't being disallowed.



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Click on the key,then go to setting,then there is on open a spacefic page, then click on change and pick a website or something, then under on show home button, then click on change and pick a website or new tab.

by Britney - 1 year ago

A new site will not be visited by the search engines that often, it might not be examined for several days.

To see how often it is being indexed, click the Cache link of a result and examine the cache date, check that periodically to record the update interval.

Pinging an updated page ay get it examined faster, and provides multiple pings.

If you registered the site with Google Webmaster tools you could fill in an update request form.

by Jake - 1 year ago