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    What are the best ways to market?

    I just got involved with MCA (Motor Club of America). It's a work from home opportunity. I'm trying to find the best ways to market my business to be able to get people to sign up. I wanted to start off by doing flyers. If anybody has been involvedin this company, if you don't mind will you share your techniques that made you successful.
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    Hi, If you want to market your business the best way to go is get a website offering your product, and then promote it online via various methods. You could try SEO'ing the website so it ranks for high commercial intent keywords that your target audience searches for. You could take out PPC ads on Google using Adwords, you could take out banner advertisements on third party websites, you could take out PPC ads via third party websites as well. Once the traffic rolls in you could recapture it via email marketing campaigns and retargeting campaigns. Thanks.
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    • Well i will give you my advice,use Facebook groups,network there and make friends,great for traffic.Get ads on Craig list and as many classified sites as you can.I use a site called UVioO here is my link http://uvioo.com/video/?m=Alperovitz,free to join,pulls video from Facebook,and pays you for promoting any biz you are in great revenue stream and traffic.Also Google plus is great.These are free and very effective.

      by Mark - 10 hours ago

    • You have to scout for them like everyone else who sells stuff. Unless you are either amazing at sales or actually using their service, you will loose money. You are supposed to have a business plan BEFORE you buy into a business. http://bbb.org/oklahoma-city/business-reviews/road-service-automotive/tvc-in-oklahoma-city-ok-9002308 http://behindmlm.com/companies/tvc-matrix-review-motor-insurance-and-recruitment/

      by ivxoxvi - 10 hours ago

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