Anyone owns a website?

I'm trying to create my own website.

And i don't know much about it. Can you tell me if you have any website you own and is it hard to handle it.

And if you one. Give me your link please.

No harsh comments please.

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If you have no special technical requirements for the site as well as no programming background then setting up a blog is probably the way to go, some 17% of the top 1 Million sites use the industry standard Wordpress blog platform, you can get your feet wet using a free host like Google's or Choose a design theme, fill in in some forms and your ready to crete content with essentially no coding. (You might be asking for harassment with: let me see anyone's web site)

1 year ago

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The best way of creating a website is to use html (if you know programming in html) or you can use MS publisher.
Or there are many online websites also that provide the facility of creating websites. Like i had used to create my website:
there are many others also like:
hope this helps you

by Shashi kant - 1 year ago