How to make a website?

I want to make a website please help.

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There are many options, if you have no programming background you can use a blog platform and create one by filling in forms. Google's and are free examples.

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Simple-here you go!

by Raysor - 1 year ago

Hi Rafay,

Making a website might sound confusing at first but it is very simple. Here is a simple list of steps you have to take

1) Find a niche or theme for your website
2) Keyword research
3) Buy domain name
4) Find Webhost service (webhosts usually offer domain name purchase as well)
5) Download a Content Management System (CMS). I prefer Wordpress
6) Find and install a website theme or create one yourself if you have css skills
7) Download Plugin and Widgets to customize website
8) Optimize for SEO
9) Post content

Above is just a simple run down. Check out this article for a more indepth description on how to create a website.

by Tommy - 1 year ago